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Welcome to Sanoway Australia

If you are serious about improving the growing of TURF, PLANTS, TREES or CROPS in sandy or harsh environments, please read on.

We offer natural products and innovative solutions designed to save water and optimise nutrient use and plant growth, in sand and sandy soils.

With droughts, water restrictions and the on-going need to use water more efficiently, we introduced SANOPLANT to Australia in 2006. Applications have been varied, with a strong focus on sportfields with sand based profiles, and we now have many examples where SANOPLANT has been used with great results in Australia.

SANOPLANT has been subjected to various laboratory and field trials, overseas and in Australia, which we will gladly provide on request. After careful scrutiny, SANOPLANT was also awarded the Smart Approved WaterMark by the Expert Panel.

Following the success of SANOPLANT, in response to the needs of contract planters in Australia, we developed and introduced SANOVIT, a composite product for improving establishment of new plantings.

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Our Products

Our core product, SANOPLANT, has unique properties which enable improved moisture retention in sand, sandy or fast draining profiles. This means a saving in irrigation water and greater efficacy of applied nutrients or fertilisers due to reduced leaching.

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SANOVIT is a composite product, ideal for assisting plant establishment, especially under harsh conditions. SANOVIT was developed in response to requests from landscapers and contract planters in Australia.

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SANOPLANT is a granulated soil amendment, which stores water and nutrients and promotes healthy plant growth. Using SANOPLANT, about 50% of irrigation water can be saved and in addition, the incorporation of SANOPLANT improves the efficacy of fertilisers.

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SANOVIT is an “All in One” composite product ideal for planting and landscaping. SANOVIT provides you with an easy and effective solution to save water, provide nutrients, and aerate the rootzone for many different soil types.

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