Vikings Rugby Club

In the process of reconstructing and returning their main field, Vikings Rugby Club were seeking to improve water and nutrient efficiency and carefully examined the characteristics of Sanoplant. They wanted to retain good drainage and of course required a top class surface as well!

The old turf, and the top 70mm of sand was removed. Sanoplant was then surface applied and thoroughly roto-tilled into the sand to a depth of 250mm, where-after a fresh layer of pure sand was applied. Turf was then planted and irrigated to establishment.

The whole process was carefully supervised by superintendent Paul Brown, who is maintaining detailed records for future reference.

This picture was taken early July 2008, 9 months after planting. The turf condition and appearance is really impressive, in part due to the effect of Sanoplant, but certainly also a result of the skills of Paul and his attention to detail. We await summer with interest!